Three of the leading manufacturers that provide an RV Satellite are Winegard, KVH, and King Controls. All of which offer a variety as well as a wide selection for each category. Each manufacturers stationary and In-Motion models. Stationary, as the name suggests, means it is only operable while the vehicle is not moving. In-Motion on the other hand allows for acquisition while traveling enabling you to enjoy your favorite television programs on the move. Offered by Winegard are permanent mounted, dome & traditional, rv satellites. Dome satellites are the more compact option allowing for exceptional reception while remaining more so concealed than their traditional counter parts. Below are some RV satellites of each manufacturer and provided is information pertaining to each model as well as links to promote further exploration of a desired model. These products and much more can be found below.

Winegard RV Satellite


Winegard Roadtrip Road Trip SD & SDI Satellite TV Antenna (Discontinued)

SD (stationary) & SDi (in-motion) satellite TV antennas are designed with you in mind. They both share all the same great features except the one obvious difference; SD(stationary) & SDi(in-motion). SD is operable only while parked but the SDi is capable of operation during motion. The Lower-profile dome conceals at just 12" high, leaving it no taller than a roof-top air conditioning unit. The results? An ideal choice for RVs with height restrictions, or for those who want to remain aesthetically pleasing by minimizing appearance!

  • utilizes DVB technology for fast and accurate searches.
  • one button operation for satellite signal locating.
  • superior radome to minimize signal loss.

    • Products:

    • SD Stationary Satellite TV Antenna RT1200S

    • SD Stationary Satellite TV Antenna RT1235S

    • SDi In-Motion Satellite TV Antenna RT1200T

    • SDi In-Motion Satellite TV Antenna RT1235T


miniMAX satellites

Winegard RoadTrip MiniMax 15" RV TV Satellite & In-Motion RV Satellite

The most powerful and reliable performing antennas, The RoadTrip Minimax & Minimax In-Motion, are encased in a sleek, small housing. Roof-top installation is quick and easy with the pre-attached mounting feet. It also includes support for two receivers, which means different programs can be displayed simultaneously on separate televisions providing you and your group with a variety of choices.

Traditional RV Satellite

Traditional Satellite

Winegard RV Satellite Crank-up

Easy to install and, because select model have "Digital Magic" elevation sensor operation is simple. Folding feed support is attached by the LNBF; only 17" of operating radius is needed with this life assembly. The hand crank within the RV allows the antenna to be raised, rotated and lowered to travel position. With a system so compact it's no surprise that it can fit on almost any recreational vehicle. Installation requirements are only 30" by 20" of area. Control parts consist of a sturdy molded plastic.

Winegard Trav'ler

Winegard Trav'ler Traveler DirecTV Slimline KU/KA, DISH 1000, & Triple LNB RV Satellite

Offering exceptional performance, the Slimline has multiple satellite viewing antennas that are automatic and capable of viewing up to 5 satellites simultaneously, offering the most complete and comprehensive standard and HD satellite viewing experience available in the RV market. TRAV'LER antenna's mechanical platforms have been re-designed, making them more rigid and reliable while mounted atop your RV withstanding strong winds and enduring unfavorable weather conditions. All of these features are sure to leave you with an uninterrupted signal.


Winegard Portable RV Satellite


Portable Satellite GM-1518

Winegard Carryout Portable Automatic RV Satellite GM-1518

Winegard Carryout Portable Automatic RV Satellite Antenna Dish Dome is the most versatile portable satellite dish which is perfect for RVing, tailgating, camping, trucking, vacation homes and so much more! This is the most compact automatic portable rv satellite on the market and when we say automatic we mean FULLY automatic - no remote or controls needed. It's lightweight design is engineered with easy grip handles for effortless carrying and security. Also, it's compatible with Dish Network®, Bell TV and DIRECTV®
  • Most compact automatic portable satellite on the market
  • Fully automatic - no remote or controls needed
  • Easy grip handle for effortless carrying and security


Carry-out Satellite

Winegard Carry-Out Portable RV Camper Satellite Dish

Winegard's Carry-Out Portable RV Camper Satellite Dish is the affordable portable. The 18 inch galvanized dish with seven step thermoset powder coat finish and galvanized steel E-coated mount weighs in at only 11 pounds and is always available after its convenient onetime assembly. The 18 inch galvanized dish with seven step thermoset powder coat finish and galvanized steel E-coated mount. The feed arm detaches and stores on the back of the dish while in carry position. Once you've arrived at your location, find a level spot for your dish and setup up. It's that easy.
  • galvanized dish and steel E-coated mount
  • detachable feed arm
  • only weighs 11 pounds

Carryout MP1

Winegard Carryout MP1 Portable Manual RV Tailgate Satellite Dish

Winegard Carryout MP1 Portable Manual RV Tailgate Satellite Dish is a lower budget portable satellite antenna system. Which includes a quick and easy manual setup using the same high-quality reflectors used in GM-1518 as the automatic system. It also comes equipped with a bubble level, compass and elevation markings for easy setup and leveling.
  • Same high-end reflector used in GM-1518.
  • Durable case used as mount and protects dish
  • Supports 2 receivers


KVH RV Satellite


TracVision R5SL

KVH TracVision R5SL In-motion & R4SL Stationary Satellite TV Antenna System

In-motion version:
Packing a powerful punch is the affordable TracVision R5SL with its high-gain antenna and reception that's far more superior than the competition. You'll never have to leave the comfort of your chair if you decide to watch programming on another satellite - just use the remote control to change the channel. While on the move enjoy the best satellite tv has to offer, anytime, anywhere, and to ensure you receive the finest programming while mobile, TracVision SlimLine systems offers the easiest mobile HDTV solution, so you can tune in to the HDTV programming you love provided by DISH Network, DIRECTV, and ExpressVu.
Premium satellite TV can be enjoyed wherever you're parked with this compact, 12" high, HDTV-compatible system. This sophisticated system is the ideal solution for fifth-wheels and any RV that doesn't require the features of a full in-motion system. This system has the highest signal strength available for 12" high systems making it superior to the competition and even comparable to competing 15" high antennas! Included is the capability of satellite switching using a remote control - making this rv satellite fully automatic. Installation is simple with minimal cabling.


TravVision A7

KVH TracVision A7 Automatic In-Motion System

Enjoy up to 185 channels of DIRECTV service and your favorite local channels while traveling. The ultra-low-profile TracVision A7 from KVH sets a new standard for fun on the road with live DIRECTV programming right on your car’s video displays. For the first time, you can take your local channels with you. Using low-profile antenna technology patented by KVH, the DIRECTV- compatible TracVision A7 is the ideal in-motion solution for motorcoaches with low-clearance requirements. The A7 blends into the roofline of high-end coaches and RVs it's no wonder at just 5" high.
  • up to 185 channels of DIRECTV service
  • ultra-low-profile at just 5" high
  • able to receive your local channels


King Controls

King Dome Trac-King In-Motion Low Profile RV Satellite

Allow your passengers to enjoy live satellite television during your next adventure! Utilizing DVB technology for positive satellite identification, the most reliable satellite acquisition and automatic satellite switching from your receivers remote control is provided my the King-Dome in-motion system. Included are new design innovations such as built-in HDTV compatibility with automatic, 3-satellite switching for DISH Network’s DISH 1000 HD programming from satellites. Access can be granted to DIRECTV's HD programming via an optional HD converter accessory.


King Dome

King Dome VuQube Portable RV Satellite Vu Qube Dish Automatic VQ2000 & In-Motion

Although 100% portable and automatic this RV satellite still includes the same features as roof mounted antennas. This antenna provides two for the price of one! Secure it to your RV's ladder without increasing your rig's overall height using the optional flex install kit. The quick release bracket allows for simple removal enabling its portability functionality, whether your parked or want to take the satellite TV somewhere other than camping it can be achieved with the King Dome VuQube Portable RV Satellite Vu Qube Dish Automatic VQ2000 & In-Motion. The In-Motion version includes all the same great features as the stationary automatic plus in-motion tracking!